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 Experience and mastery of the aromatherapy, herbal remedies and vegetable fresh stem cells’ system, have placed World of Beauty at the forefront of Worldwide Beauty Therapies.

For over 40 years, World of Beauty Laboratories, have perfected the craft of vegetable fresh stem cells extraction and of purest aromatherapy; extraction and distillation processes that ensure 100% natural essential oils and fresh stem cells.
Created in Italy, in 1969, World of Beauty is nowadays internationally recognized as the most effective and professional Phytoaroma Cosmeceuticals.
Each World of Beauty product, made using only the finest ingredients available, is active and simple to use, and based on the scientifical knowledge of skin’s energy and biology; World of Beauty became today the “professional choice” for Beauty Professionals, Spas and Medical Spas Worldwide.

A great innovation, is the “Skin’s Repair System”, Jamululur, Jeunesse Oxygene, Extréme, natural beauty booster, with precious fresh stem cells, that are simple and extremely effective for achieving a beautiful skin; because the World of Beauty philosophy: “ every skin deserve the best”.

An other innovation award-winning product launched in early 1999, was “CH body detox treatment”, the unique professional detoxifying, draining body treatment , formulated with the most precious European Essential Oils and Natural Alpine’s herbs fresh stem cells; CH body treatment effectively detox body toxins, prevent stretch marks, minimize skin’s orange-peel appearance, acting against the deterioration of skin’s structural elastic fibers.